Bean Bag Chair Factory Direct By Cozy Sack Micro Suede 8' Huge Sack

Bean Bag Chair Factory Direct By Cozy Sack Micro Suede 8' Huge Sack
Bean Bag Chair Factory Direct By Cozy Sack Micro Suede 8' Huge Sack

Bean Bag Chair Factory Direct By Cozy Sack Micro Suede 8' Huge Sack

All bean bag chairs are not created equal. Cozy Sack Bean Bag Chairs are built for comfort and durability. Real comfort starts with the quality of materials used and the ottoman like shape of our Cozy Sack bean bags. Our Cozy chairs are like giant plush pillows, filled with premium shredded Cozy Foam.

Quality materials, workmanship and design really do make a difference. WARNING: This is NOT the light weight Styrofoam pellet filled beanbag from the 70's. The Cozy Sack foam filled bean bag is a substantial piece of furniture designed to engulf you in total comfort and relaxation. The Cozy Sack Bean Bag Chair will quickly become the most popular chair in your home. Protective liner with child safety zipper.

82 cubic feet of Cozy Foam. Microfiber outer cover in over 20 colors and prints - machine washable. Recommended floor space 5' x 8'.

Made in the USA by Cozy Sack. The cozy sack foam chairs are great for. All bean bag chair makers are not the same. We are the manufacture of the Cozy Sack. All our Cozy Sacks are handmade.

Cover is machine washable micro suede. This is not a close out. This is not a demo or close out.

Beware of reduced size that sells for less. We will repair or replace any defects. The Cozy Sack foam chair is the most comfortable place to sit anywhere. They are filled with the softest virgin urethane foam available. The urethane foam will spring back to normal size after every use and not go flat like the traditional bean bag chairs.

The Cozy Sack foam chair will conform to your body like no other chair on the market. You can choose from 18 decorator colors. The material is made of 100% polyester made to feel like suede. All the seams are double stitched and the zipper is a # 5 YKK for extra strength. Real comfort starts with the quality of materials used and the ottoman like shape of the Cozy Sack. Our foam chairs are like giant plush pillows, filled with premium shredded Cozy Foam. I have four children who have the tendency to bring friends over to the house. So, it seems like we are always running out of places to sit when watching movies. I have been wanting to try bean bags as an option for added seating that could be thrown in a corner until extra seating is needed.

This one had consistently very high ratings, so I ordered one to try out. This is not a traditional "bean" bag with small foam beads filling it. This bag is full of very comfortable foam strips. I really like that the foam pieces are contained in an inner sac that is very well constructed.

The children love this new seat! I don't think it will be spending any time in the corner of the room. In fact, I will definitely be purchasing three more of these in the near future.

I bought this chair for my 17 year old daughter. Can easily fit her and a friend.

I thought this would be a good one to take along to the dorm if we can get it out the door! Perfect gaming/tv chair for her room.

Better than the old "bean bags" I had growing up. I just wanted to follow up with a huge THANK YOU! The Sac arrived right on time and my daughter loves it. We had a quite a funny time once we opened it. We thought it was going to expand too quickly to get the insert into the sac so we were all running around trying to stuff it in. We now know that doesn't happen.. And it's easy to get in and out of the covering. Anyway, my kids LOVE the Sac.. Have slept on it several times and love to sit on it for homework, TV watching etc. I've had this bean bag for almost 2 years now. My husband and I looove it, it is super comfortable to lay on and watch tv/movies/or just talk. Yes you do need to re-fluff it by shaking it around once in a while because the foamies have somewhat settled around your body, but it has not lost its comfort whatsoever because once you even it out i's like new again for the next few movie weekends. All of our friends love it, and fight over it when they come over =. My dogs seem to love it too because I can't get them to stay off of it! And the best part is that the cover is easily removable and washable. Hi, My name is Rob. I bought one of your Cozy Sack toward the end of November 2013. Its now been a few months since I bought this and I had to tell you I love this thing. I got the 7.5 foot with the chocolate cover. I now sleep on the thing more than my bed. My girlfriend gets mad at me, but I told her there is room for two. She was reluctant to try it, but I guess it worked, now I can't get her off of it, and she now enjoys playing videos games with me. The cover cleans up nicely with just a damp wash cloth.

My dog is always on it with us, so I vacuum the hair off it with the adapter on my vacuum and it works nicely. You'll notice that I didn't downgrade this for its size. I read all the reviews, and we wanted something big. This thing is massive, and that's awesome. It's very comfortable too.

You just have to make sure you have sufficient room for it. It's the size of a couch. Our kids like jump off of the furniture into it. I probably won't get any parenting award for typing that, but the point is, it's so big and fluffy that they can.

We have a media room, and the sack is in there in front of some of the other couches and chairs. When college football is on, you know where you'll find me. I've had this bean bag couch for two years now. Its cover is still in pristine shape, any spills having easily cleaned up. It's comfortable, soft, and generally fantastic.

A previous reviewer complained that it was too heavy, but I don't really have that experience. It was easily moved, even by my rather petite fiancee. My husband and I can both sit on it with or without touching (and we are not small people). Even our dog can sit there with us and we are all happy. I have had two back surgeries and have not been able to lay on my back since. Our daughter loves it so much we will be getting her one of her own (smaller of course) for her birthday. My pit bull has slept on it every night since we got it. There is not a single person or animal that has set on this thing and not wanted their own. I have had every one that sat on it want to know where I got it! I keep joking with my husband that one day he will come home from work and the couch will be in the good will pile and an 8 foot Cozy Sac in its place!

He thinks I'm joking that is! I was so excited to get the cozy sac for my son who almost every weekend has friends staying over and we were constantly having to lug out the blow up mattresses, which became the biggest hassle, so when I found this item I knew this was what we needed for sleepovers.

My husband and I set it up waited a couple hours, went back in and it had quadrupled in size. We had to try it, we laid down and fell asleep. It's one of the most comfortable things I've ever slept on.

My husband and I are really considering getting rid of our bed for two of these. You could comfortably sleep two adults on this for sleeping, sitting 4. Ordered the 8ft' earth sac on April 15th, and recived it on April 20th! Opened the box, read the instructions. It is now April 21st.

My 3 1/2 year old daughter and I have been lounging on it for about 3 hours now. I'm afraid I might lose my job come Monday because I won't want to get up. Meals have already become an afterthought. I'm going to have to set timers in order to remind myself to get up to eat and go to the bathroom. Time just doesn't exist when you are on this giant fluffy sac. The item "Bean Bag Chair Factory Direct By Cozy Sack Micro Suede 8' Huge Sack" is in sale since Tuesday, September 20, 2011. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Furniture\Bean Bags & Inflatables". The seller is "cozysack100" and is located in Miami, Florida. This item can be shipped to United States.
Bean Bag Chair Factory Direct By Cozy Sack Micro Suede 8' Huge Sack

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